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Who we are!

WARB FM VIBE 105.9 reflects the diversity, culture, and attitudes in our great city Dothan, Alabama!  We reach trendsetters, influencers, and a lifestyle-oriented audience that spans teens, college students, young adults, parents & professionals

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We keep the radio waves LIT!! Mon-Sun with the Best in Throwbacks, Hip-Hop, R&b and Sunday Morning Gospel!

DeDe in The Morning

Are you ready to have some fun in the morning? We got you! DeDe McGuire hosts DeDe In the Morning! DeDe is joined by co-hosts Lady Jade, comedian JJ Williamson ( aka J.J from The Sipp) and new cast member J-Kruz.

Midday Show w/ Jeff Foxx

Jeff has been “rockin’ the box” for more than 20 years. And there is more to Jeff Foxx than just a smooth, friendly voice. He’s also a gifted musician and composer and now he’s taking the time to write songs that he hopes will one day soon receive the same exposure that he has doled out to artists since he began in radio in 1981.

Afternoons w/ Frank Ski 

'The Frank Ski Show' has been a top-rated radio program since 1985, with record breaking performances in Baltimore, Atlanta and Washington D.C. Frank Ski's distinctive hosting style and sense of humor, balances music with celebrity guests and discussions of culture, local and national headlines, and topical subject matter. Off the air, Frank works tirelessly to engage the audience and deliver support to community organizations throughout Atlanta, and the nation.

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“The variety is EVERYTHING! From old to new they literally play it all. Keep up the great work!”

Jason Strauss
Daily Listener


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